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We don't want you to rely on our promises alone, so here are some statements of satisfied customers. We would like to thank all of you for your feedback.

Heribert Jäger, Firma Trisol:

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Product: EcoSunLight Lumina

"Dear Tomaz, I am using your garden lamps for approximately two years now. The design of the lamps is beautiful and the light source is long-lasting - not like the lamps I purchased in hardware sotres until now. 

However, I must disagree with you in one point. You told me that the lamps require sunlight in order to function properly. For the last month we had nothing but snow and fog and the lamps keep working, even though there are 20cm of snow lying on top of them. 

I am delighted with the way your lamps work and can recommend them anytime."

Josef Liendl - Mayor of the Municipality Köttmannsdorf, Austria

Köttmannsdorf Wappen

Product: EcoSunLights Apollo

"Dear Mr. Lazar! Our municipality is very satisfied with the solar laps you supplied. The lamps have a high light intensity and a good battery, which supplies enough electricity for the LEDs even after four foggy days. We will install a few solar lamps this year as well and we will contact you in time.
I wish you a sunny day! Sincerely, Josef Liendl, Mayor"

Georg Hofstätter - Mayor of the Municipality Burgkirchen, Austria:

Wappen Gemeinde Burgkirchen

Product: EcoSunLight Apollo:

"Dear Mr. Lazar! The lamps you supplied are operating for two years now. We would like to let you know that we, as well as the inhabitants of our community, are very satisfied with their performance. For many years, people have been requesting street lighting and with your help we could accomplish the task quickly, economically and most importantly without any earth work. Many other municipalities have since then shown interest in our street lamps and we have demonstrated the operation for a few interested paties. Mr. Lazar, we wish you and your company all the best and are naturally available for an opinion, should an interested customer require one.
Sincerely, Georg Hofstätter, Mayor of Burgkirchen"

You can download the original document here.

Franz Fasching - Building Authority, Municipality of Kl. St. Paul

Wappen Klein St. Paul

"Dear Mr. Lazar,
Between November 2011 and January 2013 we changed 55 old mercury vapour lamps with EcoSunLights Allegra streetlamps. The governmental subsidies were an incentive, but our main goal was to make our municipality greener and we're cutting back at the electricity costs. The refitting was done smoothly by your company. After being in operation in one year, we have had no technical difficulties whatsoever. In short: we are very satisfied with the company EcoSunLights!"

Franz Fasching, Building Authority Kl. St. Paul

Peter Marx - Building Authority, Municipality of Kirchberg an der Jagst, Germany

"Dear madams and sirs,
Our municipality is using 8 solar APOLLO lamps to light streets and pavements. The lighting power of the lamps is exceptional. The funktionality is incredible.

Peter Marx

Municipality Barnstorf - Waldemar Daubert, department for road construction

Solar Lamp Sunny – our opinion

Dear madams and sirs,

Sustainability is based on three factors: economy, ecology and social dedication. The municipality of Barnstorf has set itself clear goals, which envelop all three factors equally and with high priority.
The company EcoSunLights conviced us with the solar lamp “Sunny”. This lamp is an energy efficient lighting solution, which meets the high standards set by our municipality. We were especially impressed by the improvement to quality of life, green technology and design.
We would like to thank you again for the good cooperation.

On behalf

signed Daubert

My lamp is still functioning on my pool patio after what, three years now? The improvements and styles that have evolved since those first, early days are amazing!
Great products,

Cheers from Orlando
Fernando Protillo